e-Guide to Medical Bill Review

This step-by-step guide is designed specifically for every health consumer with medical bill debt.
Haven’t ever received an overcharge on a medical bill?  Well, don’t think it won’t ever happen because the odds are stacked against you.  Nearly 80% of all medical bills contain overcharges, and hospitals and healthcare facilities are tightening their reins on collections. With health reform and reimbursement cuts, hospitals and other healthcare providers waste little time turning your bill over.
This guide is designed specifically to assist those individuals who have received large medical bills and need to review the bill for accuracy. Patients and health consumers should not assume their medical bill(s) is correct.  With average overcharges and billing errors estimated at approximately $1,200 most people can’t afford not to uncover the mistakes.  Billing mistakes often occur from typos, deliberate overcharging, incorrect coding, and many other reasons.  Hospital bills are primarily the bills that need to be reviewed, and often result in overcharges from a few dollars to several thousands of dollars.  However, doctors, testing facility, and surgery center bills also contain overcharges.
The e-Guide to Medical Bill Review includes:
  • Detailed overview of the various types of medical billing errors
  • How to uncover medical billing errors
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to review your bill for accuracy
  • Step-by-step instructions on what to do after you’ve uncovered the errors
  • Detailed information on finding the help you need to resolve your medical debt
  • Information on the do’s and don’ts for getting the care you need without draining your pocketbook
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